0 - Mackenzie Nance
1 - Katilynn Funderburk
4 - Shiloh Widener
5 - Maddi Turner
6 - Brittany Badi
7 - Amanda Allen
8 - Jordan Mabry


JV Volleyball

3 - Haley Jeffers
4 - Reaghan Wiltbank
6 - Chelsea Geddie
11 - Kirby Gore
13 - Hunter Baddeley
24 - Gracen Caines

 Volleyball Team goes to State Tournament!


The North Myrtle Beach Christian Stallions volleyball team made their first appearance in the 1A SCISA State Tournament held at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center on October 22nd. The Stallions came up short in the State Tournament, losing to eventual State Champion Wardlaw Academy and the 2015 State runner-up Richard Winn Academy.


Volleyball Schedule


August 18th                    (A) Marlboro Academy                           4:00                             JV/V

August 23rd                  (H) Columbus Christian                           6:00                             JV/V

August 25th                  (H) Marlboro Academy                             4:00                             JV/V

August 26th                  (A) Cape Fear Academy                            4:15                             JV/V

August 30th                  (H) Conway Christian                                4:00                             JV/V

September 1st              (H) Lowcountry Prep                               4:00                             JV/V

September 6th              (A) Faith Christian                                    4:00                             JV/V

September 8th              (A) Crown Leadership Academy         4:00                             JV/V

September 9th              (H) Grace Christian                                   5:00                             JV

September 13th         (A) Columbus Christian                            6:00                             JV/V

September 15th            (A) Ridge Christian                                   4:00                             JV/V

September 20th            (A) Lowcountry Prep                               4:00                             JV/V

September 24th            (A) Cathedral                                             11:00                             JV/V

September 27th            (A) Charleston Collegiate                      4:00                             JV/V

September 29th            (A) Conway Christian                              4:00                             JV/V

October 3rd                 (H) Calvary Christian                                  4:00                             JV/V

October 4th                  (H) Georgetown School                           4:00                             JV/V

October 6th                  (H) Crown Leadership Academy          4:00                             JV/V

October 10th                (A) Calvary Christian                                 4:00                              JV/V

October 13th                (A) Georgetown School                            4:00                              JV/V

October 14th                (H) Scotland Christian                              4:00                              JV/V

October 17th                (A) Grace Christian                                     5:00                              JV

October 19th – 25th      State Volleyball Championships       TBA                               V



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